The 8 GHz, 500 kW Test  Facility

This facility is based on the Lower Hybrid Heating and Current Drive System for the old Frascati Tokamak (FT).

It is currently used to test at full power level the microwave components of the terminal transmission line of the Lower Hybrid Heating and Current Drive System for FTU

The main characteristics of the facility are resumed in the following table.

Test Facility Main Characteristics

Nominal frequency

8 GHz

RF Source


Specific RF Power

125 kW

Number of Sources


Total RF Power (nominal)

500 kW

Maximum Pulse Length

1 s

Minimum Duty Cycle


The output power is delivered through 4 independent standard WR 137 rectangular waveguides, one for each klystron.

The facility is based on a long pulse klystron amplifier whose main characteristics are in the following table.

Klystron Main Characteristics


VKX 7879A

Manufacturer Varian
Output Power

130 kW

Output Frequency

8 GHz

Beam Voltage

38 kV

Beam Current

7 A

The facility is conceived so that it is possible to operate one or more klystrons according to the characteristics and the requirements of the device under test.

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