The terminal transmission line

12 branches using the WR-137 standard waveguide (inner dimensions 34.85 x 15.80 mm)

Main Characteristics

Phase shifter

The phase shifter is a microwave structure that allows to vary the relative phase between input and output within  0 / 360° with a phase resolution of + / - 1°.

It is based on a 3 dB hybrid coupler with an adjustable moving double short circuit.

The short circuit position is adjusted by a step motor remotely controlled via an electro-optic unit.

Main characteristics:

Distribution module

This module splits the RF power of each one of the 12 output branches of the final converter in 4, reduced size (28 x 3.6 mm), rectangular waveguides to properly feed the 4 elements in a vertical row of the grill.

It consists in two different groups of two cascaded hybrid couplers to process a couple of standard WR 137 waveguides at a time.

Each output channel is fully monitored in term of direct and reflected RF power by built-in directional couplers

[Image] Front and rear view of the distribution module

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