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Photo Album title
FTU repertoire
Working on FTU
FTU Remote Handling
FTU Radio Frequency Heating
FTU Control Room at work
Video Clip title type
FTU in 1 minuto (in italiano) mpeg1 (12MB)
FTU in 1 minute (in english) mpeg1 (12MB)
FTU in 1 minute (in french) mpeg1 (12MB)
Example 1 of Plasma pulse QuickTime (866KB)
Example 2 of Plasma pulse QuickTime (1.2MB)


panoramic photo
(of virtual tour: fast connection, and java nedeed)
virtual tour
(move left/right with mouse or arrows keys)
FTU site buildings view 1
FTU site buildings view 2
FTU site buildings view 3
FTU machine hall view 1
FTU machine hall view 2
FTU machine hall view 3

FTU RadioFrequency plants view 1

FTU RadioFrequency plants view 2
FTU RadioFrequency plants view 3

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